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HELIMILL Cutters Carrying Triangular Inserts with 3 Helical Cutting Edge
ISCAR, the inventor of the HELIMILL inserts, is now introducing the HELIIQMILL 390 family – an evolution of inserts with one extra helical cutting edge.

The new HELIIQMILL 390 cutters carry triangular inserts with 3 helical cutting edges, versus only 2 on the current tools. In addition, the construction of the new inserts is stronger compared to current 2-edged inserts.
The new family ensures productive milling of true 90º shoulders, providing an improved cost per cutting edge for various milling applications. The new HELIIQMILL 390 tools are available for inserts with 10 and 15 mm cutting edge lengths.
The HM390 TPKT 1003PDR insert features 8 mm maximum depth of cut and the HM390 TDKT 1505PDR insert, 13 mm maximum D.O.C.
Due to their advanced cutting geometries, the inserts reduce cutting forces and power consumption.
They can also be successfully applied for milling high temperature super alloys that are popular in the aerospace industry.