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IMC                     C	Motivating to Excellence – Good Labor Management

INT’L METALWORKING CO.       As a multinational group, we encourage IMC Members to promote local labor diversity and equal
                             opportunities, in strict compliance with local labor laws. We believe in motivating our teams for
                             excellence in their respective duties and in their own individual personal career paths.

                             We aim to provide our employees with benefits beyond the minimum legal requirements, to ensure
                             they are motivated to concentrate on their work. Our Human Resources and Safety departments
                             regularly collaborate to improve internal group policies ensuring a safe “hazard free” and
                             “harassment free” working environment.

                             IMC encourages the development of collegial, respectful and professional relationships amongst
                             its employees. IMC is committed to prevent cases of favoritism, bullying, abuse, and sexual
                             harassment. Such cases are treated with zero tolerance. They will be investigated and may result in
                             disciplinary action as well as legal consequences.

                             As leaders in the global metalworking industry, IMC Group applies the highest recognized
                             standards, and maintains management systems and programs for health and safety and the
                             protection of the environment. IMC Members have been certified by the prestigious Standards
                             Institute, as being in full compliance with quality standards: AS 9100 Rev C, ISO 9001:2008, ISO
                             14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007.

                        D	Relations with our Business Associates

                             1	 Events with Business Associates
                                  As a strategic marketing practice, we launch technical workshops and/or marketing presentation
                                  events for our staff and/or Business Associates (“Events”). Invitations to such events should
                                  follow IMC guidelines and established practices. Each invitation should be transparent and
                                  addressed to the invitee’s employer.

                                  Locations, contents, participants and purposes of all Events, which may be viewed as outside
                                  reasonable common industry practice, or which may be designated for any purpose not related
                                  to IMC’s products or business, shall require management approval.

                             2	 Gifts and Giveaways
                                  IMC Members and employees shall neither offer nor accept any gifts, payments, favors,
                                  entertainment or other courtesies (“Courtesy”), whether in kind or otherwise, unless they are
                                  of nominal value and reasonable when considering all relevant circumstances. No Courtesy
                                  shall be extended to induce or otherwise influence the recipient to do or to refrain from doing
                                  something in return. Courtesies should not be extravagant and should not embarrass the giver
                                  and/or the recipient and/or any IMC Member, regardless of whether or not they are published.

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