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ISCAR                        IT.TE.DI.                         UNITAC
Complete Tooling Solutions   Special State of the Art Modular  Complete Range of
for Metal Removal            PCD Tools for Aluminum            Deep Hole Drills

TAEGUTEC                     UOP                               METALDUR
Complete Tooling             Solid Carbide and High Speed      Special Production of
Solutions for Metal Removal  Steel Tools for Metal Removal     CBN Inserts and Grip Tools
and Industrial Products

INGERSOLL                    OUTILTEC                          IMCD Production Center
Cutting Tools for the        Standard Drills, Special          Tool Production Facilities
Automotive and               Gundrills and Stepdrills          Located in Eastern Asia
Die & Mold Industries                                          MORSE
                                                               Production of Standard and
TUNGALOY                     WERTEC                            Special Solid Carbide Endmills
Complete Tooling Solutions   Standard Tools, Special
for Metal Removal            Indexable Reamers,
                             Boring Bars and Tools
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