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NPA 08/2019 INCH


Revolutionary Parting System Designed for Increased Productivity, with an Economical 4-Pocket Square Type Adapter and a Unique Robust Reinforced Tool Block

ISCAR is expanding its parting line by adding reinforced blocks and 4-pocket square type adapters for TANG-GRIP and DO-GRIP .079-.197” width inserts for economical parting operations of bars up to Ø4.72”

TANGFGRIP for TANGGRIP (TAG) inserts and DOFGRIP (DGN) inserts

A new family of unique tool blocks and economical 4-pocket adapters for existing TANG-GRIP and DO-GRIP inserts in sizes of .079-.197”.
The system is designed for parting applications of up to Ø2.05, Ø3.23 and Ø4.72” bar diameters with incomparable parting results and machining parameters, providing significant savings in raw materials.

  • Unique patented captive adaptation for Quad / Square type adapters with 4 pockets
  • Outstanding stability, vibration free parting system also on big diameters
  • Improves inserts life, surface finish and workpiece straightness due to robust design
  • Enables reduction of cutting width due to excellent stability, leading to material savings
  • Ø4.72” bar can be cut with only .118” insert width
  • Guarantees high productivity, especially when using TAG N…HF inserts with feed of up to .0157 ipr.
  • Economical adapters with 4 pockets
  • User friendly, easy to operate
  • Saves set up time after pocket replacement - adapter can be positioned with new pocket without set up
  • Several adapters can be clamped on one tool block
  • The tools and adapters are designed for JET-CUT cooling up to 2000 PSI
  • Represents a door opener for parting applications
  • Suitable for all type of machines. including Multi-Task Machining Centers on X axis without special adjustments.

Main Product Features
Reinforced & robust tool block which provides incomparable stability. Suitable for TANGFGRIP and DOFGRIP square adapters
JETCUT efficient coolant pin pointed directly to the cutting zone
Square adapters with 4 pockets, for TANG GRIP and DO GRIP inserts.
Allows working at extremely high feeds using high feed inserts (HF chipformer).
Coolant inlet

ISCAR Parting 4 Productivity

Improved Straightness & Surface Finish
Vibrations Free
Higher Productivity
Compatibility to Every Machine
Saving Raw Materiel
Plug & Play User Friendly Easy Setup

Forces Distribution
Vibrations Free!
Reinforcement "rib"
Full bottom support for outstanding stability
Ft: Tangential Force
Fr: Radial Force
ΣF: Resultant Force
n: Rotaion
Robust and unique structure (with reinforcment “rib”) for Increased Feed and Unbeatable Tool Life

Tool Blocks for Parting and Grooving Square Adapters Tang-F-Grip & Do-F-Grip for High Pressure Coolant

Table determining depth of cut for grooving as function of workpiece diameter

1. Block: TGTBQ...D...
2. Blade: T/DGAQ...
3. Locating Pin: Side thrust Pin 3mm
4. Screw: SR M4x10 ISO 14580
5. Screw: SR M4x9-Seal-JHP
6. Seal washer: CSW 1/8’’
7. O-ring: O-ring 10x2 NBR

Parting and Grooving Square Adapters for TANG-GRIP Tangentially Clamped Inserts
• Suitable for all TANG-GRIP inserts
(1) Minimum cutting width
(2) Maximum cutting width
(3) Maximum diameter for parting.

Flow Rate vs. Pressure

* Optional, should be ordered separately

Parting and Grooving Square Adapters for DO-GRIP Inserts
• When using .079 and .118" double-sided inserts, the depth of cut is limited up to .75". For larger depth, use a DGNM type single-ended insert.
(1) Minimum cutting width
(2) Maximum cutting width
(3) Maximum diameter for parting

Flow Rate vs. Pressure

* Optional, should be ordered separately

The NPA008-2019's pdf file: View (PDF) or Download (ZIP)
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