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NPA 1/2021

Expanding the Family with New JHP Tools for Swiss-Type Machines


ISCAR is expanding the range of SAFE-T-LOCK square-shank toolholders by adding new tools for DCMT 13T5.. inserts designed for high pressure coolant.

The new side locking mechanism for easy indexing

The new tools are designed for Swiss-type machines and CNC lathes with a screw clamping mechanism for robust DCMT 13T5… 55° inserts

The new tools can be used for longitudinal, face and profiling operations on small diameter parts. The SAFE-T-LOCK mechanism which provides rigidity and stability with a unique insert size and high- pressure cooling option, will enable machining at high cutting parameters for better productivity and improved insert life.

  • Tools with the SAFE-T-LOCK mechanism, for better rigidity, precision and machining results.
  • Very effective cooling directed to the cutting edge ensures heat reduction and prolongs insert life.
  • Up to 100% increased tool life when machining titanium, heat resistant alloys and alloy steels.
  • Enables higher cutting parameters due to the SAFE-T-LOCK mechanism and insert size.
  • Effective chip control on problematic materials due to the JHP (jet high pressure) option.

The new tools enhance ISCAR’s ability to provide quality solutions for small part machining.

Tools with Channels for High Pressure Coolant Carrying the 55° Positive Rhombic Inserts for Swiss Automatic Machines

Unique deflector design
Strong radius
Reinforced cutting edge prevents notch wear
Positive rake angle for smooth cutting and reduction of cutting forces
DCMT 13T508-M3M-SL
Application Range
ap [mm]

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