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NPA 3/2021

3-Flute Solid Carbide Drills with Internal Coolant Channels

3-Flute Solid Carbide Drills

ISCAR introduces the new SCCD…ACP3N/ACP5N line featuring 3-flute solid carbide drills with internal coolant channels. This new line will replace the SCCD…AP5 line. The new unique geometry design significantly improves productivity and machining stability under high cutting conditions, especially cast iron.

  • Highest machining stability due to its unique edge geometry.
    - Reduced cutting load.
    - Minimum heat generated during the machining operation.
    - Coolant-through.
  • Excellent hole precision with superior self-centering.
  • Suitable for steel and cast iron.
  • Drill diameter range: 4.0-12.0mm; drilling depths: 3XD and 5XD.

Potential Industries for 3 Flutes Solid Carbide Drills:
Die and Mold
Oil and Gas
Power Generation

Test Report:
2 flutes
3 flutes NEW
Top Edge 2
Top Edge 2
Top Edge 1
Top Edge 1

Tool’s Life
AISI 4340 / DIN NiCrMo6
Tool Ø10 with coolant
2 flutes
3 flutes
Feed 0.12 [mm/t]
Feed 0.17 [mm/t]

Tools tested: Ø10 mm with internal coolant 3 flutes vs 2 flutes.
Materials tested: AISI 4340 / DIN NiCrMo6
Cutting conditions: first 1200 holes feed 0.12 [mm/t], then 0.17 [mm/t]

Test Results:
2 flute tool performed 1450 holes (until end of tool life).
3 flute tool performed 2000 holes (until completion of test).
Due to the extra tooth, the 3 flute drill performed 1.5 times faster.

Three Flute Solid Carbide Drills with Coolant Holes, Drilling Depth 3xD

Three Flute Solid Carbide Drills with Coolant Holes, Drilling Depth 5xD

Recommended cutting data

The NPA03-2021's pdf file: View (PDF) or Download (ZIP)
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