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NPA 6/2021

Expanding the Range of Laydown Right-Hand Threading Inserts with a Chipformer.
The Inserts are Made of IC908 and IC1007 PVD Coated Grades.


ISCAR is expanding its range of laydown threading inserts with Chipformer for internal and external threading. The Inserts are PVD coated with IC908 and IC1007 grades, intended for machining a wide range of materials.

  • Full profile threading ISO UN and Whitworth geometries.
  • Pressed with a chipbreaker for better chip control.
  • Available in PVD coated IC908 and IC1007 grades.

- Very good wear resistance.
- A hard substrate with excellent chipping resistance, combined with a TiAlN PVD coating.
- Provides high wear and oxidation resistance.
- Good choice for nonferrous materials and cast iron as well.

- A hard submicron grain size substrate with TiAlN + TiN PVD coating.
- Features high plastic deformation resistance.
- Suitable for threading steel, stainless steel and hard steels with moderate to high cutting speeds at stable conditions.

A Good choice for nonferrous materials and cast iron as well.
  • The new line is interchangeable with all standard holders.
  • The new full profile insert shares the same characteristics with the current line of inserts.
  • Cutting conditions according to the existing line of threading inserts.

Description ASA Description ISO C.S. In catalog Size Geometry ITEM NO
11IRM 0.50 ISO IC908 11IRM 0.50 ISO IC908 6 YES 11 11IRM 3370667
11IRM 0.75 ISO IC908 11IRM 0.75 ISO IC908 6 YES 11 11IRM 3370673
11IRM 1.75 ISO IC908 11IRM 1.75 ISO IC908 6 YES 11 11IRM 3370675
11IRM 2.00 ISO IC908 11IRM 2.00 ISO IC908 6 YES 11 11IRM 3370676
16ERM 0.50 ISO IC908 16ERM 0.50 ISO IC908 6 YES 16 16ERM 3370679
16ERM 10 UN IC908 16ERM 10 UN IC908 6 YES 16 16ERM 3370678
16ERM 8 UN IC1007 16ERM 8 UN IC1007 6 YES 16 16ERM 3318667
16ERM 16 W IC1007 16ERM 16 W IC1007 6 YES 16 16ERM 3318666

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