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NPA 9/2021

ISCAR Expands the SUMOCHAM Line with New Drill Lengths of 10 Times.
The Drill Diameter (10xD) for Deep Drilling Applications.
In Addition, New SUMOCHAM Heads with Special Diameters for Heat Exchangers.


New SUMOCHAM drills with length of 10 times the drill diameter (10xD) for deep drilling applications. In addition new SUMOCHAM heads with special diameters for heat exchangers.

Following a very good success and a impressive market demand, ISCAR is expanding the SUMOCHAM DCN drill family in 10 L/D ratio to include Ø16, Ø19 and Ø25mm.

The new drill bodies can carry a variety of drilling heads for machining different types of materials and applications, such as: ICP, ICK, ICM, ICN, FCP, HCP, QCP and ICG.

The SUMOCHAM DCN drills feature cylindrical shanks, which enable clamping the drill in hydraulic toolholders (most recommended) or and spring collets.

Using an HCP or QCP head, eliminates the need for a pre-hole prior to drilling at a 10xD depth. Otherwise, it is recommended to drill a pre-hole by using a DCN 1.5xD drill.

Indexable Head Drills with Coolant Holes and a Cylindrical Shank, Drilling Depth 10xD
• Prior to using the 10xD drill, it is recommended to drill a pre-hole by using a DCN 1.5xD drill. It is not required if HCP or QCP drilling head is used
(1) Seat size code

Exchangeable DCN Drill Heads, for Stainless Steel and High Temperature Alloys (ISO M&S Materials)
(1) Seat size code

Double Margin Drilling Heads for DCN Drills for Machining Steel with High Surface Finish Results
(1) Seat size code

Exchangeable DCN Drill Heads, for Carbon and Alloy Steel (ISO P Materials)
(1) Seat size code

Exchangeable DCN Drill Self-Centering Heads for Alloy Steel and Cast Iron
(1) Seat size code

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