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NPA 11/2021 INCH

Introducing New Extra Long Solid Carbide Drills
30xD, 40xD and 50xD


ISCAR Introduces new extra long solid carbide drills in 30xD, 40xD and 50xD drill lengths for general applications.
The range encompasses the following:
30xD Ø.125-.391”
40xD Ø.125-.313”
50xD Ø.172-.250”

  • 135° Point Geometry – Split point geometry for superior drilling penetration and accuracy.
  • Double-Margin Design – For improved drilling stability and smooth surface finish.
  • Polished Flutes - Chip evacuation is improved during deep-hole drilling when the flutes are polished.
  • Coolant Holes – Cooling the cutting edges improves chip evacuation during the drilling operation.
  • Coating – A multi-layer coating allows drilling at high speed. Excellent for drilling operations in steel (up to 45 HRC).

Potential Industries for Extra Long Solid Carbide Drills:
Oil and Gas
Heat Exchangers
Machine Tools

Solid Carbide Drills with Internal Coolant Channels, Drilling Depth 30xD
(1) On request
(2) Usable length diameter ratio

Solid Carbide Drills with Internal Coolant Channels, Drilling Depth 40xD
(1) On request
(2) Usable length diameter ratio

Solid Carbide Drills with Internal Coolant Channels, Drilling Depth 50xD
(1) On request
(2) Usable length diameter ratio

Recommended Drilling Procedure for Deep Hole Drilling (30XD, 40XD, 50XD)
  1. Drill a pilot hole 1-2xD deep with a short drill. The pilot drill should be .001”-.002” larger than the long drill and its point angle should also be larger (over 135°).
  2. Enter the pre-hole using low feed and rotate at low speed (50-100 RPM) until it engages the material.
  3. Activate the coolant system and increase rotation speed to the recommended cutting parameter, maintain for 2-3 seconds, then continue at recommended drilling feed. No pecking is required.
  4. After having reached the required depth, reduce speed to 50-100 RPM before retracting from the hole.
- 40xD & 50xD must utilize a 20xD intermediary drill along with pilot drill.
- In through holes, the tool exit should not exceed .078”-.118”.


40xD, 50xD

The NPA11 INCH-2021's pdf file: View (PDF) or Download (ZIP)
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