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NPA 29/2021

A New Pocket Reducer that Converts Standard CNMG and SNMG Inserts Into WIPER Inserts

Pocket Reducer

ISCAR introduces new turning tools pocket size reducers that enable mounting CNMG 09 and SNMG 09 wiper inserts on tools for CNMG 12 inserts.

Following the positive market response to the new turning tools pocket reducer adapters, ISCAR is adding new adapters that mount on turning wiper inserts for improved surface quality.

  • The new pocket reducers are designed for small ISO turn inserts such as CNMG 09.. and SNMG 09… and can be assembled into holders for CNMG 12.. inserts.
  • The new items are designed to rotate standard inserts and place the cutting edge in an optimal position to achieve the effect of the “WG” wiper type inserts.
  • The new pocket adapters will enable customers that have standard turning inserts to get the wiper effect in turning operations.

Clearance angles in a regular position.


Clearance angles with new pocket reducers for achieving the wiper effect with standard inserts.

New Pocket Reducer
With CNMG 09..
New Pocket Reducer
With SNMG 09..

This toolholder can accommodate the following set of combinations.

Tool holder
Set Designation
Item No.
Pocket Size Reducer

Assemble the pocket reducer adapter with the arrow facing the top and the working direction.

Always place the arrow in the working direction.

Two new kits are now available:

Improved surface quality with the new pocket reducer designed for wiper effect compared to the regular insert and tool.

Surface Quality ap=3mm

The NPA29 -2021's pdf file: View (PDF) or Download (ZIP)
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