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Experience-based MTB Solutions Offer a Shortcut to Success

The challenges of modern industry require companies to manage multiple tasks simultaneously. Preparing new products for market includes investments in process design, equipment, raw materials, production environment and much more. Decisions made during this period have a huge influence on how quickly the company gets a return on its investment and begins making a profit.

ISCAR manages tooling equipment projects for companies worldwide. Its goal is to shorten the pre-production stage and provide ongoing customer support. ISCAR’s machine tool builders (MTB) division offers special tooling packages for a variety of applications and machine types, based on many years of experience in different industries.

Complex projects are handled with the cooperation and involvement of satellite IMC companies, each contributing its expertise to bring proven solutions beneficial to all parties.

As a result of close cooperation with MTBs in many projects across the board, a wide range of special solutions has been successfully implemented for multi-spindle machine centers and multi-spindle turning machines, transfer lines and vertical pick-up lathes, machines with MQL, JHP and Ultra HP coolant.

During project preparation, ISCAR provides customers with a tailormade tooling package and accompanying technical documentation, which includes process sheets and/or assembling tooling layouts, time study, 3D animation for machining time calculation of complicated milling applications, and dedicated support based on customer requirements. This strategy allows ISCAR to offer intelligent tooling solutions to suit the application and machine specifications, and maximize machine potential.

A significant number of machines for universal purposes are sold with no relation to any technology and without a tooling package. ISCAR can supply a very attractive proposal with a tooling certificate (voucher), and customers can select from a list of standard tools related to the machine type or unique kits for specific machines such as Swiss type, low cost turning and milling machines.

ISCAR is not only a full tool line supplier, but also provides complete application solutions for industries including automotive, aerospace, power generation, railway, medical, miniature, and more. The company’s standard tooling solutions suit any technology considerations, such as tools with high pressure coolant.

ISCAR has over 45 subsidiaries around the world. Local specialists provide on-site technical support for customers during and after each project is finished, consistently improving and optimizing the process. The commitment to product innovation enables ISCAR to develop and deliver highly efficient products that lead the cutting tools market in the age of smart factories and Industry 4.0.




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