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NPA 39/2021

Expansion of the HELIDO Trigon Line with 4mm Edged Inserts


ISCAR expands its H690-04 insert carbide grades and radii range for wider use of applications, now a more economical solution for milling 90º shoulders.

ISCAR expands its advantageous H690-04 family from the HELIDO Trigon Line by introducing new inserts with supernumerary 0.8mm corner radius and additional CVD and PVD coated carbide grades to meet the growing requirements for efficient and productive milling operations of various industrial sectors.

The new inserts are as follows:
  • 1. H690 WNMU040308PNR-MM IC808 with PVD grade and corner radius 0.8mm
  • 2. H690 WNMU040308PNR-MM IC830 with PVD grade and corner radius 0.8mm
  • 3. H690 WNMU040308PNR-MM IC5400 with CVD grade and corner radius 0.8mm
  • 4. H690 WNMU 0403-PNTR IC5100 with CVD grade and corner radius 0.4mm

  • Double-sided inserts with 6 cutting edges.
  • Trigon-shaped inserts.
  • Robust and durable insert design.
  • Positive rake for reducing cutting forces.
  • Excellent surface finish.
  • Long tool life.
  • Effective and economical solution for milling true 90º shoulders.

• Suitable for milling a variety of steel, cast iron and stainless steels.
• Milling square shoulders, slots, side plunging, face surfaces, inclined surfaces and cavities by use of ramp down, including ramping by helical interpolation.

The new inserts are suitable for right-hand machining and available in the following configurations :
• H690 WNMU040308PNR-MM IC5400/830/808
Reinforced negative land, intended mainly for milling ISO P materials - carbon and alloy steel, ferritic and martensitic stainless-steel, and ISO M materials - austenitic stainless steel.

• H690 WNMU 0403- PNTR IC5100
Positive land intended mainly for milling ISO K materials – gray, nodular and malleable cast iron.

• Productivity: high metal removal rates.
• Economy: 3 helical cutting edges.
• Accuracy: milling 90º square shoulders.
• Low power consumption that allows applying the cutters on machine tools with limited power, small capacity machining centers and turn-milling machines.

ISCAR’s new economical HELIDO Trigon H690-04 inserts:
The right tool for high productivity and cost reduction
for square shoulder milling.

H690 WNMU 0403
Trigonal Inserts with 6 Helical Cutting Edges for 90° Shoulder Milling
• For cutting speed recommendations, see pages

Cutting recommendations for the HELIDO 690-04 complete line
• The table below defines initial feed rates
• For initial cutting speeds refer to ISCAR’s recommendations for carbide grades

Calculating cutting feed
ƒz0 - Basic feed (Table 1),
Kef - Engagement factor ( Table 2),
Ks - Stability factor (Table 3)
Table 1 - Basic feed, ƒz0, mm/tooth
(1) in accordance with VDI 3323 standard
(2) Rm - ultimate tensile strength, MPa

ae - Width of cut
D - Cutting diameter

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