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IMC                                                                                               April 9th 2018

INT’L METALWORKING CO.  From the desk of the CEO:

                        Innovation, integrity and excellence drive our success. We integrate
                        and respect the multiple cultures and languages of our IMC Group
                        companies, to create an exceptional and unique corporate culture.
                        Our prominent position within the global industry is a direct result of
                        the continuous efforts, hard work and uncompromising commitment
                        of all our employees and business associates for the success of IMC
                        Group. The global and local business environment is becoming more
                        complex with ever-increasing regulations and competition. In recognition
                        of such challenges, the IMC Compass – Good Business Conduct and
                        Ethics Code was created to affirm our key values and policies.
                        We expect IMC’s staff, stakeholders, business partners and all associates,
                        to apply these principles in all business dealings on behalf of IMC.
                        Integrity and loyalty are the cornerstones of all successful organizations.
                        Together, we will continue to honor our proud history by setting the best
                        possible example at all times and by providing inspiration for others to follow.

                        Best regards,

                        Jacob Harpaz
                        President IMC Group

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