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Holder variety -DR-T

DR-TWIST for Non-Rotating Applications
ISCAR’s new line of drills in the DR family was designed to bring solutions to typical problems which occur when using turning machines.
The new drills are made from steel that features body hardness up to 55 HRc and a HARD TOUCH nickel coating for better wear resistance and smooth chip flow. They feature a shallow helix angle and reinforced body structure, which provides excellent tool performance and easy chip evacuation on lathe applications. This line contains drill diameters which cover the diameter range from 14 to 60 mm.
The drill can be mounted with standard SOMX and SOMT square inserts with 4 cutting edges and XOMX with 2 helical cutting edges in grades IC908, IC1008, IC9080 and the SUMO TEC grades IC808 and IC8080.
The new line of DR drills for non-rotating machine centers provides great economy and high productivity for your applications.